The Application Bot: Fundingportal launches new tool to automate grant and incentive applications

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Jan. 3, 2019 (Toronto) — The Funding Portal Inc. (Fundingportal) announced today the launch of its Grants and Incentives Application Bot, a software application that runs automated tasks. The Application Bot takes time, cost, and complexity out of grant-writing and business incentive application activities by companies.

Many organizations rely on grants and incentives to finance R&D, support operations, and supplement revenues. Fundingportal data demonstrate that governments across North America disburse about US$200B annually to third party organizations through grants and incentives. 

Teri Kirk, President of Fundingportal, said, “Our team has been using this truly innovative Bot to write winning applications for innovation sector companies over the past year. It has improved our efficiency and funding outcomes for our clients. With this launch, we are taking it out of the sandbox, adopting it across all our applications, and incorporating it into our SaaS solutions.” 

The Application Bot forms part of Fundingportal’s comprehensive Grants Management System, Fundsuite GMS. The Bot facilitates the creation of a digital version of the funder’s Application Form and populates it with appropriate model clauses and digital content that is tagged and stored for reuse within the grants management system. It eliminates many hours and often weeks of original drafting and improves quality control and consistency across large grant-seeking organizations and funding agencies.

Fundingportal has served more than one million users in Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. on its grants management platform,, and powers white-label grants management solutions for 21 funding agencies and related organizations.

For more information about Fundingportal and its Application Bot, contact Fundingportal COO Karen Fournier at [email protected] or call 1.855.850.FUND (3863).

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