Who Got Government Grants This Week

Funding for the week of March 4 under Canadian federal and provincial grants and business incentive programs reached $989.8M, up from $126.8M during the previous week.

Top Sector. The municipal and nonprofit sector ranked first, attracting $713.1M, 72% of total incentives.

Top Region. Alberta is the top province this week, securing $592.9M and accounting for 60% of total national disbursements.

Top Recipients in Ontario.

  • The Horticulture Cluster, led by the Canadian Horticultural Council, receives $11.5M under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to develop new technologies and practices for better pest and disease management, post-harvest storage and handling for crops and strategies to improve soil health.
  • Trucking Human Resources (HR) Canada gets $2.25M under the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Fund to develop anti-harassment training for the sector.
  • The Nokiiwin Tribal Council attracts $2.16M under the Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention Fund to provide culturally-sensitive tools and resources to all First Nations communities and individuals in Ontario taking steps to comply with Bill C-65—legislation to protect employees from harassment and violence in federally regulated workplaces.




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