Alberta launches new Custom Energy Solutions Program

The Government of Alberta has announced a new $88M Custom Energy Solutions Program to help industrial facilities save energy and money by upgrading equipment and making energy improvements.

Quick Facts.

  • The three-year program is supported by funding from Energy Efficiency Alberta and the federal Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund.
  • The program provides funding for industrial operators to assess their energy use and build a plan to present the most cost-effective energy upgrades.
  • Industrial and commercial facilities in a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, oil and natural gas, wholesale trades, warehousing and waste management are eligible.
  • Funding can cover a wide variety of equipment and systems, such as heat recovery, combined heat and power, steam, compressed air, refrigeration, and more.
  • This program will cover up to 50% of capital costs for upgrades and retrofits for custom projects, minus the cost of the initial assessment, which is fully covered.
  • Single facilities are eligible for incentives of up to $1M per year, while parent companies making upgrades to multiple facilities can receive up to $2M per year.


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