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Grants and Incentives are an important source of funding for companies and organizations. In fact, governments in Canada disburse more than $20B annually through grants and incentives. Yet, actioning this funding can be time-consuming and expensive. Now, with the trend toward SaaS (software as a service), CFOs can directly access the data and tools they require to action this funding. Source the right programs for your organization, receive alerts on new programs, and use AI to streamline grant-writing and improve your outcomes. Make sure your organization is getting its fair share.


Grants & Incentives: SaaS solutions for sourcing funding and streamlining applications

  • Date: Select a date
  • Time: Select Breakfast Session (8-9:30 am) or Lunch & Learn (12-1:30 pm)
  • Venue: Use our Toronto Training Centre, your own venue or a webinar
  • Cost: We provide our Seminars for free.

What Your Members Will Learn

  • What are the grants and incentives that exist in Canada?
  • Who gets this money and for what? Is there money for my organization?
  • What new SaaS, AI and Big Data solutions should I be aware of to get funded?
  • Will today’s solutions reduce the time and resources to complete a successful application, and how? A brief demo of new desktop tools for financial managers will be included.

Your Speaker

Teri Kirk has a Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall and Master’s degree from Queen’s University focused on digital transformation. She is a sought-after speaker on access to grants and incentives and a frequent guest on BNN. Recent seminars include Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM), Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX), and IT Association of Canada (ITAC). Her TEDx Talk on Financing Innovation highlighted how digital solutions are transforming access to funding. Formerly a Vice President, Bell Canada, Teri is President of Fundingportal.

Who Should Attend

Finance executives, CFOs, financial advisors, grants administrators, funders, and applicant organizations.


Karen Fournier | 1.855.850.FUND (3866) | [email protected]


Fundingportal leverages innovation to help businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities like yours to get grants and funding.

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