Featured Grant: Forestry Innovation Fund (Nova Scotia)

The Government of Nova Scotia is now accepting applications under its $50-million Forestry Innovation Transition Trust.

What is the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust?

This fund seeks to advance the transition and development of Nova Scotia’s forestry sector. No information is posted on the fund’s website as to how much each applicant can receive.

Who can apply?

Companies, organizations, individuals, and post-secondary institutions working and researching in the forestry and biological resources sectors are eligible. Projects can include: developing high-value products or new and enhanced business models, processes or services; creating inclusive economic growth opportunities, and creating new ecological services. Support is also available for training or retraining, if other education funding sources have been exhausted.

When is the deadline?

The deadline to apply is Aug. 31. This program has for application cycles per year. The next round will open in November.

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