Financing innovation: Saas and other software solutions for enabling access to government grants and incentives

Grants and incentives are an important source of funding for many companies and organizations. Governments in Canada alone disburse about $30 billion annually through federal and provincial grants and incentives, largely to fund innovation. In the US, this number rises to $180 billion USD per year across federal and state programs.
This is very friendly money—more technically, it is both non dilutive and non-repayable. Yet actioning this funding can be time consuming for companies; the level of skill required is often downplayed. It is quite comparable to writing bid documents, tax returns, or legal contracts and often all of the above. Many experience low success
rates when tackling it themselves.

Now, with the trend toward Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), corporate CFOs, advisory firms, industry associations and others can access the data and tools they require—on their desktops and mobile devices, 24/7. This white paper seeks to provide an overview of the data, analytics and software tools that exist to improve your industry insights and funding outcomes. These SaaS tools improve win rates and the amount of funding your application attracts.

Incentives Management System (IMS)

PROBLEM – Most business processes have yielded to office automation and SaaS and software solutions. Many of us use ERP and CRM systems every day. Grants and incentives is a mission-critical business process for many applicants, including enterprises, accelerators, hospitals, universities and large-scale non-profits. Yet, many use rudimentary systems, if any, to coordinate, streamline and track this work. Appropriate systems do improve outcomes. So much money is at stake!

SOLUTION – FUNDSUITE IMS – Incentives Management Systems or “IMS” streamline processes for Applicants, Advisory firms, and industry experts. We call our solution Fundsuite IMS. It is an award-winning solution, attracting industry accolades and take-up for making this large-scale funding more accessible through robust secure innovative systems. It integrates AI, Big Data, Analytics, smart tools, and the Cloud to greatly improve funding outcomes. Fundsuite IMS guides applicants seamlessly along three steps to funding: Find It, Apply for It , and Leverage it. Read on to learn more about the SaaS and software solutions that exist at each step. Don’t need software? Call us about our services.

Grants & incentives

  • 4500 distinct programs in Canada
  • $30 billion in funding disbursed in Canada each year
  • Most funding goes to the enterprise market (large-scale private and public companies)
  • SMEs and startups also get their fair share
  • Grants are non-dilutive and non-repayable
  • Funders typically contribute 33 per cent of costs

Find it

PROBLEM – Grants & Incentives constitute a dynamic financing marketplace, with many new and rapidly changing programs. Companies report that they have difficulty finding the right program and staying on top of these changes. Advisory firms also struggle to secure reliable data to accurately advise their clients. Without software, they stick to SR&ED.


What Canada needs is a digital platform for searching and finding the right incentive programs. Imagine or–-but for grants and incentives!

Tom Jenkins, founder, Open Text

We call it Fundsearch.

  • Subscribe to use Fundsearch 24/7 on our site or license your own SaaS version for your in-house team
  • Choose Canada, US or both; French, English or both; and your industry and region, or North America-wide
  • Use it on your desktop or mobile device 24/7
  • Licence a single seat or team- or secure enterprise-wide access
  • Never wonder again whether you might have secured a grant to fund your growth objectives—use Fundsearch

Subscribe to Fundsearch for access to 11,000 funding sources and more than $30 billion in funding at your fingertips.


  • 12 tools in a seamless system
  • Dashboard with key analytics and secure login
  • Cloud-based: AWD or Microsoft Azure
  • Single seats or enterprise-wide
  • No versions, licenses or installations
  • Intuitive: onboarding sessions available but no training required
  • Software-as-a Service

Apply for it

PROBLEM – Companies have trouble writing expert applications, doing so efficiently, and achieving high levels of success. Specific challenges include maintaining an index of winning clauses, achieving accuracy and control over what gets said, understanding the information that governments require and how to say it best, and maintaining a team of expert resources with highly specialized incentive-seeking skills. Software helps!

SOLUTION – APPLICATION BOT – Login to a secure digital environment to:

  • Create, store and retrieve all templates and related documents, such as annual reports, financial statements, and technical specs
  • Use our predictive data to determine how much your project will attract, and to inform your ask
  • Use the collaborative drafting tools
  • Benefit from the digital Scorecard, a Quality Assurance tool to ensure your application scores 100% –before it is submitted to Funders
  • Prepopulate answers and model clauses to save many hours of tedious drafting

Fundingportal is a valuable new tool that adds insights into government investments in private sector initiatives.”

Rob Brouwer, vice-chair for KPMG in Canada

Leverage it

PROBLEM – Companies find it very difficult to stay informed about new programs and program changes. You can use Fundsearch to carry out searches, but many wish that their system would simply keep them informed as relevant changes arise. They’re looking for custom alerts!

SOLUTIONCUSTOM ALERTS I Take a few minutes to set up your custom alerts once, then let your system do the work. Get real-time alerts delivered to your email account or phone:

  • Program Alerts – Choose the regions, sector and programs that you want to track. Never worry about missing a program again.
  • Awards Alerts – Follow who is getting funding in your sector and for what? Are you getting your fair share?
  • Industry intelligence – Understand the billions in funding that are being invested each year by government. Who gets this money and what activities are attracting public investment? Follow 5G, biotech and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, automotive sector, digital media, film production, staffing, operations, exporting and so much more.


  • Within Canada alone, the top 500 companies receive am aggregate of $2.2 billion in grants and contributions funding each year.
  • 50 companies in Canada receive $10 million in grants and contributions funding each year through government programs, not including SR&ED
  • 350 companies receive $1 million each year

Three Steps to Funding – Powered by Fundingportal

What is Fundingportal?

Fundingportal is an award-winning software and services firm. It owns and operates, an online platform for industry to source and apply for funding from more than 10,000 government grants and incentives programs in Canada, the US, and the UK.

Fundingportal also provisions Applicants, Advisors, and Industry experts, including lawyers, accountants and industry executives with white label or branded SaaS software and tools. Choose Fundsuite IMS, or any one of our innovative data sets or tools.


  • Fundingportal has been named a Deloitte Top 50 Company to Watch
  • Fundingportal CEO was names as an EY CATA Top Innovator and Entrepreneur of the Year for Canada

Subscribe to Fundsearch for access to 11,000 funding sources and more than $30 billion in funding at your fingertips.


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Terri Kirk

Teri Kirk is founder and CEO of Fundingportal. Teri has 25 years’ experience as a lawyer, executive, and entrepreneur. As Vice President, Business Development, Bell Canada, she led important national e-commerce initiatives with federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Industry and community roles have included Director, Private Capital Markets Association of Canada, and Member, Dean’s Advisory Council, School of Public Policy, Queen’s University. She has delivered a popular TEDx Talk on Financing innovation and appeared often on BNN. Teri holds a Juris Doctor from Osgoode Hall Law School and a master’s degree from Queen's University focusing on digital transformation. She has been named a Top Entrepreneur and Innovator of the Year by the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

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