Find More Funds, More Quickly with Fundsearch

When it comes to searching for funding for their business, most entrepreneurs and executives spend more than two weeks identifying the different grants and business incentives that exist to support their objectives. And that’s even before they start grant writing!

Fortunately, using a modern digital tool like Fundsearch can reduce the time you spend searching for funds down from a couple of weeks to a couple of minutes, and find you more money in the process. Here’s why.

#1. Fundsearch Aggregates All Federal and State Incentives

In the United States, the federal government publishes all of its grant programs on, but this website does not include state-level funds or tax incentives. This means that businesses searching for funding often have to research more than a dozen websites to get a fulsome understanding of what’s out there for them. Fundsearch aggregates both federal and state-level opportunities in one tool.

Fundsearch Matches You Into the Right Funds

Funder websites are often a jumble of information on what they will and won’t fund. They don’t enable you to filter your results effectively to truly determine which websites match your objectives. Fundsearch remedies this by collecting more than 12 data points about your business and your projects to match you into the right programs, instantly.

Fundsearch Finds You Private Matching Funds

Government funders almost never link to sources of private financing, like investors and lenders. Fundsearch will automatically identify the best sources of private financing to help you achieve your outcomes.

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