Funding Portal adds UK to its North America-wide business incentives platform

Funding Portal UK : The new UK platform will assist companies to find and apply to 337 distinct business incentive programs disbursing an estimated GBP£15B/ year, i.e. about CDN$24B/ year

TORONTO, ON (November 14, 2016)— The Funding Portal Inc. ( reported today that it is expanding its popular online platform, which is already well established in Canada and the US, to the UK.

Companies can access the UK site at The platform will assist companies to find and apply to 337 distinct business incentive programs, which disburse an estimated GBP£15B annually to support UK-based businesses and to incent non-resident companies to grow their businesses in the UK.

The UK service will also extend to the company’s FundCard business networking platform that “matches companies and capital”. Profiles of participating companies are posted on the Funding Portal Board where they can find each other and become eligible for matches. “FundCard is effectively a dating platform, but for applicants and funders, issuers and investors. We are excited about making this popular business networking platform for sourcing government incentives and other business funding available in the UK,” said CEO Teri Kirk. About 45,000 companies already participate in the Portal’s first market, Canada. The FundCard platform has enabled Funding Portal to be helpful to many companies in achieving their funding and growth objectives on a low-cost basis, using today’s mobile tools.

“Investments by governments in industry have shifted from support for pure academic research and early-stage R&D to commercialization and market outcomes,” Kirk added. This trend is apparent in the UK, as well as the US and Canada where Funding Portal assists companies into US$180B and CDN$26B respectively in annual government-funded incentives for business.

About Funding Portal

Funding Portal ( is a comprehensive service that improves access to government funding and private capital and business financing markets. It aggregates information on more than 10,000 business incentive programs in three countries that disburse US$220B annually into diverse companies, industries and sectors. Funding Portal attracts almost 1,000 users every business day—overwhelmingly high-growth companies searching for funding.

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