Fundingportal releases Fundsuite V3

FundSuite Version 3.0 goes live on June 15, 2016 

TORONTO, ONTARIO— (June 7, 2016)—Thank you for your commitment to making funding more accessible to your members by licensing Fundingportal Inc.’s Fundsuite Software as a Service (SaaS) to power your grants access and management mandate.

Now, on June 15, 2016, Fundingportal is releasing Version 3.0 of FundSuite, including its popular Fundsearch tool, now licensed by 19 leading organizations like yours, to help your clients and members ‘Get Funded’!

Fundsuite Version 3.0, includes seven new high-value features listed below. All changes will be seamlessly integrated into FundSearch and other Fundsuite tools from our back office. Feature 7, a custom private label search results page that matches your site rather than ours, requires your consent for us to create. Just let us know if you would like this feature and can post the link to upload it, and we will create this for you at no cost.

Here are seven new features included in Version 3.0 of Fundsuite:

  1. Accessibility I Meets all government accessibility standards, including use by the visually impaired,
  2. Access to Government and Private sector funds Includes 4,500 sources of government and 2,500 sources of private financing, including grants, tax credits, debt, venture debt, private equity and other funding sources,
  3. Accounting API I Enables users moving forward with applications for funding to API or integrate their accounting software to quickly complete their mandatory disclosures while improving funders’ ability to verify critical applicant data,
  4. Artificial intelligence I Incorporates new machine learning and smart search capabilities including key word search, enhanced lexicons for key sectors, such as healthtech, life sciences and cleantech, ability to save searches and recognize return users,
  5. Automated Updating I Enables automated updating of 7,000 CDN funding sources, in French and English, every day
  6. Free Search I Supports multiple free searches,
  7. Private label landing page I Includes a custom private label version of the Search results page for your site, so users experience your site environment throughout the entire search.

Feature 7 requires your consent so just let us know and we can add this, at no cost, to your Fundsearch and other Fundsuite modules.

As Fundingportal Founder & CEO, I was pleased to be named the CATA/ EY Sarah Kirke Entrepreneur and Innovator for 2016.

We look forward to provisioning you with Version 3.0.


The Funding Portal Inc. I I (3863)

Teri Kirk, President &CEO I [email protected]



Fundingportal leverages innovation to help businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities like yours to get grants and funding.

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