Fundingportal Accessibility

Fundsearch includes the following accessible web design features to ensure that it is accessible to the widest possible number of users
Feature Description
Hardware Options Use a mouse, specialized keyboard or another assistive device to navigate around the tool.
Screen Reader Use your favourite screen reading software, such as JAWS, VoiceOver or NVDA, to convert text to voice.
Text Size Click “View” then “Text Size” or use “Zoom” in your browser to make the text bigger or magnify the whole page.
Screen Contrast This tool conforms with minimum contrast requirements for visitors with colour-blindness or other ocular impairments.
Essential Content Nonessential content, such as headers and footers, have been eliminated or placed outside Fundsearch.
Alternative Text All Images have alternative text (“alt text”) so they can be read by Screen Readers and users do not have to rely on images.
Scripting Languages This tool requires no special scripting languages, plug-in software, browser or operating system, and does not require Adobe.
Mobile-ready The tool is mobile-ready, so users can use it on a large desktop screen or any wireless device, including both Android or iPhone.

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