Fundingportal Canadian Top 5 Awards November 2020 Recipients List

The Fundingportal Top 5 ranks the largest awards of government grants and incentives to Canadian corporations in three markets: enterprise corporations, SMEs, and start-ups.

November 2020 highlights included the following:

  • Top 5 Enterprise Corporations
    • received $40 million to $175.6 million each; 
  • Top 5 SMEs
    • received $10 million to $101 million each each; and
  • Top 5 Start-ups
    • received $4.6 million to $11.2 million each.

In addition to a monthly update, the Fundingportal website ticker is updated daily to ensure your company can:

  • Understand the amount that firms like yours can receive in the grants and incentives financial marketplace;
  • Gain data-backed insights into what competitors and others in your sector are attracting and for what; and  
  • Generate leads into Canada’s most innovative and high-growth companies to build investment or sales relationships.  

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Fundingportal Top 5 – November 2020

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