Government of Canada Issues 4 New Innovation Challenges

The Government of Canada has issued four new challenges to SMEs under its Innovative Solutions Canada program.

Quick Facts.

  • The challenges was issued by the National Research Council Canada.
  • Under the Innovative Solutions Canada program, successful applicants can receive up to $150k to develop a proof of feasibility. If accepted into Phase 2, SMEs can receive up to $1M to develop a working prototype.


  1. Low-cost sensor system for patient monitoring: The challenge is to develop a low-cost system (unit cost <$20) that can continuously measure temperature, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2), blood pressure (BP) and pulse rate. It must also transmit this information wirelessly to a base station, thereby allowing monitoring of ambulatory patients in locales including ERs, general wards and homes. The deadline to apply is March 19.
  2. Nanocomposite fabrics production system: SMEs are invited to develop a manufacturing process solution that produces nanocomposite sheets or fabrics composed of carbon nanotubes and polymer by the roll to make the next generation of high-performance multifunctional fabric for fire protection, energy absorption and electromagnetic shielding. The deadline to apply is March 24.
  3. AI software for photonics semiconductor fabrication: The NRC is seeking an AI software solution that uses models and data analysis to predict and control the wavelength of a grown semiconductor structure during its fabrication. Such software would accurately predict the photoluminescence wavelength of a grown heterostructure and reduce calibration cycle times and costs. The deadline to apply is March 19.
  4. Surveying objects across an air-water interface: Coastal engineers and ocean scientists use small-scale physical models to test the performance of various coastal features or marine infrastructure (e.g., beaches, breakwaters, scour mattresses, riverbeds or riverbanks) under storm and/or flood conditions. The challenge is to evolve older technologies with a non-intrusive surveying technology that can accurately measure the surface and profile objects that are partially or fully submerged in up to 1 metre of water in a laboratory setting. The deadline to apply is March 24.

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