Intact Foundation Adaptation Action Granting Window Now Open

The Intact Foundation is now accepting applications under its Adaptation Action Grants program until Nov. 30.

Quick Facts.

  • The program aims to protect Canadians from natural disasters caused by climate change.
  • The Foundation is looking for charities working to build a more climate-resilient Canada.
  • It will invest $1M in projects that help protect people and communities from
    floods, wildfires, extreme heat, wind, and hail.
  • The maximum grant amount is $400k over three years.
  • There are three types of grants offered:
    (1) Fostering Ideas: Developing new ideas through research, peer support and/or skills development (Term: 1-2 years);
    (2) Testing Concepts: Testing existing concepts to validate their impact and make necessary adjustments to create a viable solution (Term: 2-3 years); and
    (3) Scaling Projects: Scaling proven concepts to expand impact and reach (Term: 2-3 years).
  • Projects that use natural infrastructure (wetlands, forests, etc.,) as part of their solutions, aim to create practical and effective solutions, take a community engagement approach, and help Canadians understand the climate risks they are facing will be prioritized.

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