Who got government grants this week

Funding for the week of Apr. 15 under Canadian federal and provincial grants and business incentive programs reached $820.5M, up from $223.8M during the previous week. Top Sector. The municipal and nonprofit sector ranked first, attracting $535.1M, 65% of total incentives. Top Region. Ontario is the top province this week, securing $482.5M and accounting for 59% of total national[…]

QP Briefing. Government proposes more discretion for minister on endangered species, additional flexibility for developers and communities

By David Hains The Ontario government is proposing significant changes to the Endangered Species Act, which could see increased discretion handed to the environment minister and greater flexibility for developers and communities to respond to environmental needs. In an afternoon announcement, Environment Minister Rod Phillips pitched the proposed changes as a response to what the government heard from[…]

ON Launches $4.5M Species at Risk Stewardship Program

The Government of Ontario has launched the $4.5M the Species at Risk Stewardship Program for 2019-2020. Quick Facts. The program will be renewed each year. The fund supports academics, communities, organizations, and Indigenous peoples to implement on-the-ground activities that benefit species at risk and their habitats. The initial deadline to apply is May 9. — Fundingportal provides[…]

New funding for BC forests and municipalities

The Government of Canada is investing $140M in British Columbia’s Forest Carbon Initiative and $10M in the new Organics Infrastructure Program. Quick Facts About the Forest Carbon Initiative. This program aims to reforest areas lost to forest fires and implement best practices that support healthy, resilient, and productive forests. It launched in 2017. Quick Facts[…]

New Innovative Solutions Canada Challenge

Innovative Solutions Canada has reopened a challenge for Kinetic Energy Harvesting on Marine Vessels.Quick Facts.The Canadian Coast Guard is seeking solutions for harnessing kinetic energy from the roll, pitch and yaw of marine vessels with the goal of reducing energy consumption and reliance on externally-sourced and stored energy.The original deadline to apply was Dec. 17,[…]