Most financial executives now opting for digital tools to source and apply for grants and incentives

At a recent gathering of financial executives, more than 50% stated they would rather use SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) data and tools to source and apply for grants and incentives, as opposed to conventional professional services.
Teri Kirk, President of Fundingportal, said, “We have noticed a distinct trend over the past 6-12 months, where companies are seeking to do this work in-house. They are seeking digital data and tools to help their internal teams source and apply for these programs.”
Software to modernize access to enable grants and incentives is a new development. Increasingly referred to as GMS (Grants Management Systems), these cloud-based systems leverage data and tools to instantly match projects to the right programs, streamline grant-writing, and manage post-award reporting and compliance. Above all, they can markedly improve financial outcomes for applicants.
“Fundingportal’s GMS is our fastest growing product,” Kirk said. “It is now powering in-house systems for Applicants, Administrators, and Advisory firms to modernize how they apply for and administer applications to the many thousands of funding programs that exist, North America wide.”
To learn more about SaaS and GMS solutions for modernizing your grants and incentives mandate, watch our video.



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