New Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program (CASPP)

The Government of Canada has announced the new $50.3M Canadian Agricultural Strategic Priorities Program (CASPP).

Quick Facts.

  • The program will run for five years.
  • Funding will help facilitate the sector’s ability to address emerging issues and capitalize on opportunities.
  • CASPP focuses on four priority areas: adoption of new technology; environmental sustainability; strategic development and capacity building; and, emerging issues.
  • Potential projects could include those addressing AI, tools to assess future labour and skills needs, bio-crops, environmentally sustainable farming techniques and strategies to help the sector adapt to changes in consumer preferences.
  • This program replaces the Canadian Agricultural Adaptation Program.
  • Applicants may apply on an ongoing basis until available funds have been fully allocated.
  • Projects must be national in scope or deal with cross-sectoral issues.



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