New COVID-19 Resilience Funding Stream Expands Canada’s Infrastructure Funding

The Government of Canada announced last week that it is adjusting its Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program to get more money out of the door.

New COVID-19 Stream

One of the major adjustments is the launch of a new $3.3-billion COVID-19 Resilience Funding Stream, which will offer a simplified application process and will provide higher levels of funding.

Under this stream, the federal government will cover up to 80% of eligible project costs for provinces, municipalities, and nonprofits in the provinces, and up to 100% for territorial and Indigenous projects.

To be eligible under this new stream, the project’s eligible costs must be under $10 million, and construction must start no later than Sept. 30, 2021 and be completed by the end of 2021 (or 2022 in the territories and remote communities).

The COVID-19 Resilience stream will fund the following types of infrastructure projects:

  • Retrofits, repairs and upgrades for provincial, territorial, municipal and Indigenous buildings; health infrastructure; and schools;
  • COVID-19 response infrastructure, including measures to support physical distancing;
  • Active transportation infrastructure, including parks, trails, foot bridges, bike lanes and multi-use paths; and
  • Disaster mitigation and adaptation projects, including natural infrastructure, flood and fire mitigation, and tree planting and related infrastructure.

Updates to Existing Streams

Projects falling under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program’s other streams that can start in the near term (i.e. before Sept. 30) can now benefit from expanded eligibility. Newly eligible projects include:

  • Public Transit Stream: Standalone pathways and active transportation projects; public sector inter-community commuter transit services; and public sector commuter ferry infrastructure that is not part of an existing transit system.
  • Green Infrastructure Stream: Standalone pathways and active transportation projects.
  • Rural and Northern Infrastructure Stream: Mobile and cellular projects (broadband); and energy efficiency or reliability projects for communities on established electricity grids (Arctic Energy Fund).

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