New Forest Sector Fund in Ontario

The Government of Ontario has announced the launch of the new Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program, which will become the government’s key program for the sector.

Quick Facts.

  • This program replaces the Forestry Growth Fund.
  • It will provide up to $10M per year in funding over five years.
  • The program will support strategic projects that improve productivity and innovation, enhance competitiveness, support new market access, and strengthen supply chains and regional economies.
  • Projects should have at least $3M in eligible costs.
  • Funding for business projects will flow in the form of performance-based loans representing 30% of eligible costs and of which up to 50% may be forgivable.
  • Grants of up to 15% of eligible costs can be granted in exceptional situations.
  • Collaboration projects can receive grants of to $3M (30% of eligible costs).
  • Funding will flow in competitive rounds of two stages each.
  • The first stage of the first round will close Dec. 20.



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