New Fund for Official-Language Minority Communities

The Government of Canada has announced the launch of the Community Spaces Fund, a new program to support community and cultural infrastructure construction projects in official-language minority communities.

Quick Facts.

  • The fund is a new initiative stemming from the Action Plan for Official Languages 2018–2023.
  • It has a budget of $67.2M over five years.
  • The fund will support school, community, and cultural infrastructure projects.
  • It will allow nonprofits working in minority communities to have spaces where services and activities are offered in the community’s preferred language.
  • These could be Francophone cultural centres, community centres or theatres.
  • Funding can be used to build new community and cultural centres, renovate and modernize existing infrastructure, and add multipurpose spaces to community centres.
  • Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.

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