SDTC now accepting applications from cleantech companies

SDTC’s  two key funds—SD Tech Fund and SD Natural Gas Fund—are now accepting applications from cleantech businesses until April 13, 2016.

Quick Facts.

  • These funds support Canadian cleantech development and demonstration projects.
  •  SDTC’s SD Tech Fund™ supports technologies that address the challenges of clean air, soil, water and climate change.
  • This year, SDTC has issued five areas of priority for SD Tech Fund applicants: (1) Responsible natural resource development; (2) Carbon-free power generation and distribution; (3) Remote and Northern Community Utility Systems; (4) Energy efficiency for industry and communities; (5) Next generation technologies with longer-term benefits for Canada; (6) Biofuels and Biorefineries; (7) Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security; and (8) Biodiversity Protection and Enhancement.
  • The SD Natural Gas Fund™ acts in collaboration with the Canadian Gas Association and supports the development and demonstration of new downstream natural gas technology.
  • For 2016, the SD Natural Gas Fund is focused on cleantech that works to meet: residential, commercial, industrial, power generation, transportation and renewable natural gas objectives and goals.
  • SDTC’s portfolio is comprised of 285 cleantech projects representing an investment of more than $740M and a market capitalization of more than $2B.

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