Six new Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs now launched

The Government of Canada has officially launched six federal programs under the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Quick Facts.

  • The Partnership is a $3B federal-provincial-territorial agreement that will chart the course for government investments in the agri-sector over the next five years.
  • The Partnership will focus on three key areas:
    (1) $297M for growing trade and market expansion
    (2) $690M to support innovative and sustainable growth
    (3) $166.5M for diversity and a dynamic, evolving sector
  • The six funds now accepting applications are:
    (1) AgriMarketing. This program has two streams — the National Industry Association stream and the SME stream. It helps organizations develop new markets.
    (2) AgriCompetitiveness. This fund supports industry-led efforts to provide producers with information to build capacity and support development.
    (3) AgriScience. This program has two streams — the Clusters stream and the Projects stream. It supports science and research projects.
    (4) AgriInnovate. This program provides repayable contributions for demonstration, innovation and export.
    (5) AgriDiversity. This program supports under-represented groups in Canadian agriculture.
    (6) AgriInsurance. This program strengthens health and safety measures. 
  • Changes to business risk management programs will come into effect for the 2018  program year.


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