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Managing grants and incentives is a critical business process for many applicants, including enterprises, accelerators, hospitals, universities and large-scale-non-profits. Yet, many use rudimentary systems, if any, to coordinate, streamline and track this work. 

We know appropriate systems do improve outcomes. Many of us use Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems daily. Office automation and SaaS software solutions should be used for grants and incentives as well. 

Significant money is at stake!

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Incentives Management Systems (IMS) streamline processes for applicants, Advisory firms, and industry experts. We call our solution Fundsuite IMS. Fundsuite IMS is an award-winning solution, attracting industry accolades and take-up for making this large-scale funding more attractive through robust, secure, innovative systems. It integrates artificial intelligence (AI), big data, analytics, smart tools, and the cloud. Fundsuite IMS guides applicants seamlessly along three steps to funding: Find It, Apply for It, and Leverage It, and greatly improves funding outcomes.

Understand the billions in funding that are being invested each year by government. Who gets this money and what activities are attracting public investment? Follow 5G, biotech and life sciences, advanced manufacturing, automotive sector, digital media, film production, staffing, operations, exporting and much more.

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