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Montreal’s Crew raises $10M to expand web project curation platform

Crew, a Montreal-based curated platform for web projects, secured $10M in Series A financing from Accomplice, iNovia Capital, Real Ventures, Boldstart Venture Capital, BDC Capital, AngelList, Launch Capital, and LDV Capital, the company announced last week.…

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FundingAwards – Who got funded – Week of July 13

Overall Disbursements. Funding from federal and provincial governments reached $449M this week, compared to $330M last week. Top Sector. Arts, Culture and Community is the top sector this week, attracting $410M, 91% of the total amount disbursed. Top Region. Ontario is the…

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QP Briefing. Despite ideal conditions, manufacturing stuck in reverse

By Geoff Zochodne, QP Briefing Ontario’s manufacturing sector is giving off less-than-stellar signals in seemingly ideal conditions for some of the province’s traditional industries. Full Story >> — Subscribe to our partner, QP Briefing.

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Capital Markets News Roundup – Week of July 13

Fintech Ethoca secured $45M in private equity from Spectrum Equity. Tech Crew secured $10M in Series A funding from Atlas Venture, AngelList, BDC Capital Corporation, BOLDstart Ventures, iNovia Capital, LaunchCapital, LDV Capital, Real Ventures, and…

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FundingSource – Must reads – Week of July 13

HTX REACH. The program has opened its first funding call for healthtech innovators interested in procurements in Ontario. HTX REACH will be hosting four information workshops across the province to provide more information on eligibility and project…

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FundingSources – Must Reads – Week of May 18

BDC. The May 2015 issue of the Monthly Economic Letter was released. BDC. BDC Capital and the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development have renewed their partnership, for a third year, on the Canadian Technology Accelerator…

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Funding announced for Canadian accelerators, including Ryerson

The Government of Canada is providing $13.4 million in funding over the next five years through the Canada Accelerator and Incubator Program (CAIP) to ensure entrepreneurs have access to resources and expertise, Finance Minister Joe…

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FundingAwards – Who got Funded – Week of March 9

Overall Disbursements: Funding from federal and provincial governments reached $32.2M this week, compared to $64.7M last week. Top Sector: Transportation is the top sector this week, attracting $10.3M, 32% of the total amount disbursed. Top Region: Ontario is the top province this week, attracting…

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FundingSources – Must Reads

EDC: Export Development Canada (EDC) announced a USD 750 K credit facility for GNR Mexico, a foreign affiliate of Montreal, Quebec’s GNR Technologies (GNR). GNR is a leading global manufacturer of recycled rubber parking lot safety devices…

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QP Briefing. No school left behind: Universities seek funding stability, flexibility

By Natalie Paddon, QP Briefing Reducing one-time-only funding and making sure focusing on growth doesn’t leave some institutions behind are two things the head of the Council of Ontario Universities thinks the province should consider…

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