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New Forest Sector Fund in Ontario

The Government of Ontario has announced the launch of the new Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program, which will become the government’s key program for the sector. Quick Facts. This program replaces the Forestry Growth…

The Funding Continuum

Creating a funding strategy is a challenging, yet crucial step for any business. Most experts agree that the key to a successful financing plan is understanding the different sources of funding, and pursuing those that…

Top 10 Ways to Get Grants

Government grants, contributions, incentives, and tax credits are a great source of funding for businesses. Unlike equity investments, grants mean you do not have to give up ownership in your business to attract this money.…

Fundingportal Glossary

Fundingportal Glossary

A Academic and Research Organizations Universities and colleges, educational services, professional, scientific and technical services. Accommodation and Tourism Organizations Hotels, tourism businesses, food services. Acquisition/Merger/Exit Funding Funding to help purchase or sell a business. Aerospace…

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