Trump-Biden debate: how government funding through grants and contributions may be impacted by the presidential election

Tonight marks the first presidential debate between Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden. Both candidates will outline the issues and priorities their government intends to address over the next four years, if (re)elected come November 3rd.

With both candidates committing trillions of dollars toward economic recovery efforts, grants and contributions emerge as a top priority. We’ve outlined some key industries where funding dollars have been explicitly promised. 

With billions already committed to toward COVID-19 testing, treatment and research, continued programs in job creation, R&D, manufacturing and health care will continue.
Both candidates have committed to a national testing strategy for COVID-19.

Trump: considers it a state funding responsibility – no dollar amount announced.
Biden: considers it a federal funding responsibility – no dollar amount announced.

Made-in-America manufacturing is a core issue and includes funding towards industrial research, jobs and American-made products.

Biden: $700 billion for made-in-America manufacturing plan funding.
Trump: No amount announced, but has committed to boosting domestic manufacturing.

Modernizing US military equipment is a top defence priority for both candidates.

Trump: Increase budget – invest further in Space Force, military salary increases, investment in nuclear arsenal, funding further construction of a physical border wall.
Biden: Reallocating existing budget – focus on moving away from legacy systems, invest in nuclear arsenal, cease funding allocated to a physical border wall.

Rural Affairs
$20 billion in rural broadband infrastructure has been a commitment for both candidates. 

Trump: Committed to providing every US citizen with access to broadband internet
Biden: Committed to tripling existing funding to expand internet access in rural areas

Cleantech and Energy

put forth a $2 trillion plan to eliminate carbon emissions by 2035. Proposed funding includes weatherizing homes and commercial buildings and upgrading transportation systems.
Trump has not wavered from his support of the oil & gas sectors and was a driving force behind the pipeline network expansion through the issuance of a presidential directives before legal rulings halted further plans. 

Going forward … 

As we head into November, Fundingportal will continue to track the campaigns and provide funding specific updates. 

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