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TORONTO, ONTARIO – (May 16, 2017) – Now, organizations within Canada’s R&D sector can benefit from Fundingportal’s unique investment in software solutions. Its new suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are powering R&D advisory firms, in-house SR&ED teams, and funding agencies.

This month marks one million companies that have used Fundingportal solutions to source or apply for business incentives since its launch in 2013. And it is using this milestone to make these popular proven tools accessible to firms like yours. Cloud-based white label tools. Your brand. Our tools.

Each tool—Fundsearch, Fundsuite and FundData—provide unique insights into more than $250B in annual grants, tax credits and other incentives awarded by governments across North America each year. The cloud-based tools exist for three countries — Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom — and in two languages, French and English.


Fundsearch Ι Assist your company, clients or stakeholders to ‘get funded’. Join 18 other leading organizations that post Fundsearch. Your website. Your brand. All data is automatically verified and updated daily. More >

Fundsuite Ι Automate your in-house grant-writing, business incentives team, or advisory practice. ‘Fundsuite’ is Fundingportal’s end-to-end cloud-based office automation solution. A unique set of 21st-century tools that helps organizations move along three steps to funding. More >

Funding Sources. Understand the government incentives that exist. Access this unique comprehensive database of programs disbursing more than $300B/ year. More >

Funding Awards. Track which companies and organizations are receiving business incentives under which programs. Understand who is getting what. Search the archives or get updates in real time. More >

LeadGeneration. Receive a weekly flow of leads on companies looking for your B2B funding or growth solutions. More >

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