Who Got Government Grants and Incentives This Week

Every week, hundreds of companies, municipalities, and other organizations across Canada receive grants, contributions, and other incentives under government funding programs. Understanding which sectors and regions receive funding is key to gaining insight into funding trends and policy.

Last week, publicly-announced funding awards over $50k under these grant and incentive programs reached $4.98B, up from $367.7M during the previous week. The sharp increase can be attributed in part to two large awards. First, the Government of Ontario, in partnership with the Government of Canada, is providing up to $4 billion in one-time assistance to the province’s 444 municipalities for spending on critical services over the next 6-8 months. Secondly, Ontario is also investing $500 million to build and expand schools across the province.

Top Sector

The Community & Nonprofit sector ranked first, attracting $4.14B, or 83% of national disbursements.

Top Region

Ontario is the top province this week, securing $4.54M and accounting for 91% of total national disbursements.

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