Who Got Government Grants This Week

Funding for the week of Apr. 29 under Canadian federal and provincial grants and business incentive programs reached $234.7M, down from $901.4M during the previous week.

Top Sector. The municipal and nonprofit sector ranked first, attracting $191.2M, 81% of total incentives.

Top Region. BC is the top province this week, securing $99M and accounting for 42% of total national disbursements.

Top Recipients in Ontario.

  • Projects to support frontline police officers receive $17M over five years in federal funding to support training activities.
  • Journalists for Human Rights gets $11.7M over four years to help the media protect the rights of citizens in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and the Middle East.
  • Coordinate Industries Ltd., a supplier of precision machined parts in Oakville, attracts $4.6M from FedDev Ontario to enhance its production capabilities and expand its presence in the aerospace and defence sectors.


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